Ship Technology & Ocean Engineering

In the field of ship and ocean engineering, recurring queries and most common tasks are dealing with the determination and estimation of maximum motions (accelerations) and loads that act on the considered maritime structure or its mooring lines. Closely linked to that topic, design optimization and reduction of fuel consumption, while maintaining environmental and operational safety, are key issues.

Therefore, ESOS’ naval architects are specialized in performing motion and load analyses in frequency and time domain depending on the complexity of the application problem. Knowledge about Response-Amplitude Operators (RAOs) is always a premise to detect critical wave and wind scenarios. Even more complex tasks, e. g. reduction of ship hull resistance or avoidance of wave induced vibrations, are solved by means of nonlinear numerical simulations or physical model tests.

Amongst others, our maritime services comprise:

Determination of wave and wind loads

Estimation of impact loads (e.g. slamming and wave run-up loads)

Motion analysis

Drift force analysis, calm water resistance and added resistance in waves

Hull optimization

Intact and damage stability analysis

Towing of platforms and ships

Specification and consulting for physical model tests in wave basins

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